Why Victoria

victoria bc

There are many reasons why people might be moving to Victoria; among them is the simple desire to enjoy the great things that come with living in Victoria.  The quality of life offered to residents of this beautiful city is hard to match, even on a global scale.

It starts with that most basic of comfort issues – the climate.  The Victoria Gonzales weather station reports that daily temperatures climb above 30 °C (86 °F) on average less than one day per year and sink below −2 °C (28 °F) on average only 6 nights per year.  Compare that to the rest of the country!

Beyond a mild climate Victoria has much to offer.  A stable economy leads many people to moving to Victoria for work. There are jobs related to tourism, education, government and related support jobs because Victoria is the capital of BC.

Victoria is also home to  Canada’s West Coast naval base, CFB Esquimalt, which offers opportunities both for military and industries that support and supply the military.

They’re many opportunities to get a good education in Victoria, with a public school system, several top-notch private schools, plus UVic and Camosun College.

Many people from across Canada move to Victoria to retire.  Often these folks have visited the city during holidays and been impressed with the quality of life and the mild climate offered in the city.  This has led to the reputation of Victoria being occupied largely by retirees.


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